„Vanakkam“ – so greets our Temple High Priest Siva Sri Arumuga Paskarakurukkal and welcomes „You“ warmly into the abode of our divine goddess Sri Kamadchi Ampal Temple, at Hamm, Germany.

„Vanakkam“ in Tamil means „greetings“ , as when one greets each other. Upon entering the Temple, one bows faithfully and with folded hands together and utters ( or says ) a short holy greeting, whilst looking at the Temple divine deity Goddess„ Sri Kamadchi Ampal with reverence, humble divine respect, gratitude and loving devotion.


Hence, when one greets another with accompanied folded hands and by saying the greetings  –

„Vanakkam“ it means „ I greet the the divine God that rests in You

Since, GOD, rests in all of us, in our inner beings as the primordial divine „Shakti“ throbbing force indwelling in us !

The Sri Kamadchi Ampal TempleHamm , Germany, is entirely and solely funded by donations, contributions and loans by the faithful devotees.

We are continuously and constantly seeking for donations and contributions from everyone and anyone, whether locally ( in Germany ), within European Community (EU), or from the global International Community ( rest of the world ).

The donations and contributions to the The Sri Kamadchi Ampal Temple can be either via:

–     financial

–     other kinds or types of donations and contributions

We, the Community, are  most enormously grateful and thankful to all receiveable donations and contributions from everyone : sisters, brothers, devotees, patrons, kind visitors and friends, whether from local residents* and citizens (in Germany* ), or from residents and citizens of the European Community*, or from citizens of the global International Community*.

(Note :    includes all individuals & both non-commercial  and commercial enterprises )


Temple activities and services includes the following :

  1. Daily Pujas (Prayers) Services
  2. Providing daily „Prasadhams“ or (Blessed Food) to everyone who visit the Temple daily
  3. Maintenance and upkeep of the Temple special services, events, meetings, conferences and cultural programmes
  4. Maintenance Temple office activities and Temple kitchen services
  5. Social and charitable activities locally (Hamm), country-wide            (Germany) & abroad ( EU & International )
  6. Special Projects – locally (Germany) & abroad (EU & International ) – please click on „Projects“ for „local“ and „foreign“

Please note the following when visiting the Sri Kamadchi Ampal Temple:

A hindu „Temple“ is a sacred, divine and holy place.

Extensive rituals with „Kumbhabishekam“ = Consecration Ceremony with auspicious Mantras ( Prayers ) recitations have been conducted to invoke the Divine „energies and power, or „Shakti“ of our beloved Divine Goddess „Sri Kamadchi Ampal „. „Shakti“ , these Divine energies and power have been beseeched and called in, to take its most divine and auspicious residence in the Granite made statues representing the Gods.

According to Hindu holy scriptures and beliefs, these Divine and sacred energies or „Shakti“ following the „Kumbhabishekam“ or Consecration Ceremony, are now residing and immanently present as living embodiments in the abode of our beloved Sri Kamadchi Ampal Temple.

Nothing whatsoever , which could, or would, pollute and desecrate this auspicious holy abode, may be brought into the Temple building, or even within close proximity to, or near the Temple grounds and buildings.

All visitors and devotees visiting the Temple are kindly requested within the Temple building: –

– Not to wear shoes

– Not to drink alcohol , not to smoke and not to consume meat or

non-vegetarian food ( including eggs and fish )

– Not to enter the shrines of the Deities in the Temple ( since only Priests are


– No pets (dogs, cats, etc. ) are allowed into the Temple building.

– Please kindly turn off all mobile or cell phones

– Women visitors to the Temple who are having their „period“ are kindly and

most politely requested not to enter the Temple during their „period“ as it is

considered unclean on religious grounds.

– Filming and photography is permitted,

(But filming is not allowed during the „Puja“ or Prayers services being

performed ! )

Yes !

Dear Sisters, Brothers, Devotees, Patrons, Friends & kind Visitors from non-commercial organizations (educational establishments ( schools & universities), charitable organizations and other interested parties), business communities and commercial enterprises – everyone who is keen and interested to visit our Temple is most warmly, heartily and generously welcomed to visit our Temple – the abode of our Divine Goddess „Sri Kamadchi Ampal“ presiding in the city of Hamm, Germany, and showering her Divine Blessings to each and everyone !

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