Domestic projects


Domestic temple projects


Our Hindu Shankarar Sri Kamadchi Ampal Temple in Hamm, Germany, constantly strives, apart from maintaining and running the various daily Temple activities and services, the Temple, actively engages and participates in various social & charitable activities and reliefs projects – locally (Hamm), nationwide (Germany) and abroad (EU & International )



INFORMATION ON PROJECTS – ( Local & Nationwide )

For information about currently ongoing projects :


–     Local Projects – (Hamm)


The Hindu Shankarar Sri Kamadchi Ampal Temple, Hamm, is currently the largest Dravida Hindu Temple on mainland Europe, located in the central European country of Germany.


The Sri Kamadchi Ampal Temple has undertaken several Temple projects :

–     locally ( Hamm )

–     nationwide ( Germany )

–     abroad ( EU & International )


In order that our Hindu cultural heritage is safeguarded for the future generations of our community, the Hindu Shankarar Sri Kamadchi Ampal TempleHamm, Germany, has decided to build a Cultural Heritage Hall in Hamm, which will be located adjacent to the present Sri Kamadchi Ampal Temple at Hamm.


This Cultural Heritage Hall  will house a library ( containing religious Hindu scriptures and ancient literatures and documents & digitalised books are to be maintained), museum (used items of our ancient ancestors & Sages and numerous other Hindu religious historical items ), Hindu Conference Hall & Auditorium and this Cultural Heritage Hall will also house classrooms  to cater for the provision of various courses :yoga, Tamil & Sanskrit languages, Hindu Religious courses, Indian Carnatic Classical Music, Bharthanatyam (Indian Classical Dance ) , percussion instruments, Hindu Fine Art Paintings, Hindu Handicraftworks Indian  Vegetarian cookery classes and many other envisaged disciplines will all be embodied and housed under one roof in this large magnificent Hindu Cultural Heritage Hall Center to be built on the acquired land adjacent to the Temple in Hamm, on the presently cleared site, with the auspicious divine blessings of our beloved Goddess Sri Kamadchi Ampal.


This project work was only able to be embarked upon due to the enthusiastic & strong support by our devotees (locally, nationwide and from abroad). The first phase of the construction project of the Hindu Cultural Heritage Hall Center, being the land acuisition, financed via a bank loan, which had only been possible by the ardent support of our dear devotees.


Unfortunately, currently , the Temple is unable to continue financing the next remaining phases of the Temple’s Hindu Cultural Heritage Hall Center Project, due to the inability to raise additional further financing via additional bank loans and further much needed funding required through generous donations from our dear devotees ( inland & abroad ).


The Sri Kamadchi Ampal Temple very urgently needs all the generous support from it’s dear devotees and friends ( inland and abroad ) to come forward with your generous donations, contributions and pledges for the further funding and financing of the Temple’s additional Bank loans, which are urgently required now, so that immediate construction work on the remaining phases of the Temple’s envisaged magnificent Hindu Cultural Heritage Hall Center Project can be re-started and brought into completion.


Kind donors wishing to assist the Sri Kamadchi Ampal Temple’s Hindu Cultural Heritage Hall Center Project , may do so, in the following ways in terms of donations, contributions & pledges :


1 . The amount you wish to donate as cash payments (donation receipts

     provided )

2 . Interest free loans (which will be repaid back within 5 years )

3 . Purchasing a small plot of land in your family’s name at cost 150 EUR )


We, the Sri Kamadchi Ampal Temple, Hamm, Germany, are  most enormously grateful and thankful to all receiveable donations and contributions from everyone : Sisters, Brothers, Devotees, Patrons, kind Visitors and Friends, whether from local residents* and citizens (in Germany* ), or from residents and citizens of the European Community*, or from citizens of the global International Community*.

Dear kind „Donors“, if you kindly want to make donations to the Temple and if you need further information, or donation receipts THEN please kindly contact our Temple