Spende Kulturzentrum

Dear friends, supporters, donors and members of the Hindu Community Germany K.d.ö.R.

The Hindu community has set itself a number of goals in order to offer all followers of the Hindu religion the opportunity to practice their religion as they are able to do in their homeland. At the same time, we would like to take into account general guidelines such as integration, transparency and openness. Today already people of different nationalities and religions enjoy our offer to get to know Hinduism better.

It should and will continue to do so. In order to achieve these goals permanently, you do help us with every one-time donation, as well as regular donations or membership fees. We would be very happy if you support us not only with your donations, but also with your visit to the temple and the Hindu Cultural Center that is currently being built. All offers are open to everyone who wants to know more about Hinduism.

The Hindu Community of Germany, K.d.ö.R., would like to thank you for your passive as well as active support and sends you blessings of god.