How are the Temple activities and services financed?

The Sri Kamadchi Ampal TempleHamm , Germany, is entirely and solely funded by donations, contributions and loans by the faithful devotees.

We are continuously and constantly seeking for donations and contributions from everyone and anyone, whether locally ( in Germany ), within European Community (EU), or from the global International Community ( rest of the world ).

The donations and contributions to the The Sri Kamadchi Ampal Temple can be either via:

–     financial

–     other kinds or types of donations and contributions

We, the Community, are  most enormously grateful and thankful to all receiveable donations and contributions from everyone : sisters, brothers, devotees, patrons, kind visitors and friends, whether from local residents* and citizens (in Germany* ), or from residents and citizens of the European Community*, or from citizens of the global International Community*.

(Note :    includes all individuals & both non-commercial  and commercial enterprises )


Temple activities and services includes the following :

  1. Daily Pujas (Prayers) Services
  2. Providing daily „Prasadhams“ or (Blessed Food) to everyone who visit the Temple daily
  3. Maintenance and upkeep of the Temple special services, events, meetings, conferences and cultural programmes
  4. Maintenance Temple office activities and Temple kitchen services
  5. Social and charitable activities locally (Hamm), country-wide            (Germany) & abroad ( EU & International )
  6. Special Projects – locally (Germany) & abroad (EU & International ) – please click on „Projects“ for „local“ and „foreign“

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