How do you greet each other in the Tamil language?

„Vanakkam“ – so greets our Temple High Priest Siva Sri Arumuga Paskarakurukkal and welcomes „You“ warmly into the abode of our divine goddess Sri Kamadchi Ampal Temple, at Hamm, Germany.

„Vanakkam“ in Tamil means „greetings“ , as when one greets each other. Upon entering the Temple, one bows faithfully and with folded hands together and utters ( or says ) a short holy greeting, whilst looking at the Temple divine deity Goddess„ Sri Kamadchi Ampal with reverence, humble divine respect, gratitude and loving devotion.


Hence, when one greets another with accompanied folded hands and by saying the greetings  –

„Vanakkam“ it means „ I greet the the divine God that rests in You

Since, GOD, rests in all of us, in our inner beings as the primordial divine „Shakti“ throbbing force indwelling in us !

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