What should I consider before making my visit to the Temple ?

Please note the following when visiting the Sri Kamadchi Ampal Temple:

A hindu „Temple“ is a sacred, divine and holy place.

Extensive rituals with „Kumbhabishekam“ = Consecration Ceremony with auspicious Mantras ( Prayers ) recitations have been conducted to invoke the Divine „energies and power, or „Shakti“ of our beloved Divine Goddess „Sri Kamadchi Ampal „. „Shakti“ , these Divine energies and power have been beseeched and called in, to take its most divine and auspicious residence in the Granite made statues representing the Gods.

According to Hindu holy scriptures and beliefs, these Divine and sacred energies or „Shakti“ following the „Kumbhabishekam“ or Consecration Ceremony, are now residing and immanently present as living embodiments in the abode of our beloved Sri Kamadchi Ampal Temple.

Nothing whatsoever , which could, or would, pollute and desecrate this auspicious holy abode, may be brought into the Temple building, or even within close proximity to, or near the Temple grounds and buildings.

All visitors and devotees visiting the Temple are kindly requested within the Temple building: –

– Not to wear shoes

– Not to drink alcohol , not to smoke and not to consume meat or

non-vegetarian food ( including eggs and fish )

– Not to enter the shrines of the Deities in the Temple ( since only Priests are


– No pets (dogs, cats, etc. ) are allowed into the Temple building.

– Please kindly turn off all mobile or cell phones

– Women visitors to the Temple who are having their „period“ are kindly and

most politely requested not to enter the Temple during their „period“ as it is

considered unclean on religious grounds.

– Filming and photography is permitted,

(But filming is not allowed during the „Puja“ or Prayers services being

performed ! )

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